Naked time

Naked cakes that is. Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to once more attend a fabulous masterclass hosted by Pinterest UK. The masterclass this time was in conjunction with Flowers of Liberty, the gorgeous Lilli Vanilli and the Cake and Bake Show and this time it was all about naked cakes.

I have a bit of thing a about naked cakes anyway and my current thinking is that if I ever find someone who actually wants to marry me then I will have a naked wedding cake. However, things and trends change so this might not prove to be the case. But what I do I love about? Firstly, I’m not a massive fan of tons of icing and as far as I’m concerned, marzipan is the work of the devil so that’s part of the answer. I also love them because they are so beautiful and I think that if you decorate your cake with flowers and fresh fruit then they have a greater impact on a naked cake.

Once again, I was greeted with a glass of prosecco (always a good start) at a cookery school in central London and entered a room full of like-minded people. 30 minutes to mingle and then Lilli took us through the principles of decorating a naked cake.

As you might imagine, it’s relatively straight forward but the hardest thing is definitely leveling the sponges… I can’t cut straight, it’s a well known fact in my family and something that I am greatly mocked for. But once you’ve done that, pipe some buttercream inbetweeen the different layers, stack the sponges on top of one another, pipe some more onto the top and then start positioning fresh flowers (edible and inedible ones, you would be surprised at how many you can actually eat) and fruit!

We decorated the cakes in groups and the variation in design was astonishing and all the cakes were stunning. We got to take the cakes the home as well as an amazing goodie bag from Liberty filled with beautiful Liberty print items: a tea towel, an oven mitt, a pendent necklace, and some sweets. So once again, thank you to Pinterest UK for another wonderful evening!

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One response to “Naked time

  1. Pip my mum did a naked cake (I didnt even know this was a term until your article!) for my aunt’s wedding 15 years ago! I’ve wanted one myself ever since xx

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