Fiesta like there’s no manana

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while but things like starting a new job have been getting in the way somewhat. Although perhaps given how long things were in the planning stages for, perhaps it’s inevitable that it has taken me time to get round to this. About a fortnight ago, I held a little dinner party that I like to call Mexican Madness. Why? Because the menu was vaguely Mexican and I had vaguely Mexican decorations. And I wore a brightly coloured Aztec print dress. In total, I probably spent about four months planning this dinner party and no, it wasn’t for 100 guests, in the end just four (five including myself) as I had a last minute drop out. And I agree that is an excessive amount of planning and no, it wasn’t by design but by accident and because it took so long to find a date that everyone could make; except of course that not everyone could make it. I knew that I wanted to have a dinner with a Mexican menu because I really enjoy the flavours of Mexican food and thought it could be fun theme. I turned to both Pinterest and my Mexican Made Simple cook book by Thomasina Miers for inspiration. Pinterest helped me with the decorations, the arrival cocktail and the dessert, Thomasina with the canapes, starter and salsas. And google helped me to find the main course.

And what was on that menu I hear you ask well:

Tostados with avocado and Parma ham accompanied by Paloma cocktails ~

Seabass Mexico City ceviche accompanied by Macon-Villages ‘Les Roches Blanches’ 2012/2013


Slow roasted shoulder of lamb with Mexican green rice, salsa verde and fresh tomato salsa accompanied by Portillo Malbec 2013


Potted chocolate mint puddings

The problem with planning a dinner party for so many months is that it gets more and more elaborate. Or at least in my world that’s what happens. Once the menu was decided, all there was for me to do was to focus on the decoration. The planning went on for so long that my mother was even able to source an amazing sleeping Mexican Jersey Pottery, not a vase exactly but vase from ebay for the event. In the end there were streamers in my kitchen, a unicorn pinata hanging in my garden, cacti and succulents on my table as well as flowers, a homemade table runner, brightly coloured napkins from Zara Home and beautiful turquoise plates from anthropologie. I would say that it was the most complete dinner party theme that I ever created and one of the best table displays that I have put together. Oh and in case you’re wondering, the answer is yes, I did spray paint a pineapple gold. And what’s more, I would do it again.

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