Father’s Day

Me with my daddy

Me with my daddy

Two words that fill me with fear. It’s the same predicament that I face on his birthday, at Christmas and of course, on Father’s Day. Just what on earth do I get for the man who essentially has everything that he wants and anything that might be missing from his life I can’t afford to buy for him.

He is not a man with a huge amount of hobbies and those that he does have are not sufficiently interesting (to me) for me to have the requisite knowledge to purchase something related to it. He is not into gardening although he does seem to take pleasure, as a lot of men do, in mowing the lawn. He is also equally fond of chopping things down, my mother, not so much with the chopping down and it leads to amusing exchanges for observers.

My brother has already shotgunned whiskey and that’s probably fair enough seeing as I don’t drink it and wouldn’t really know which one to buy for him. So what do I get him? I have decided to make him something. And that something is vanilla bean fudge.

My daddy loves fudge; at Easter we went to the beach at Minehead one evening to have fish, chips and champagne on the sea wall and afterwards he decided that what he really wanted was some fudge. Unfortunately at this time of the day (and believe, it wasn’t particularly late) there was no one to oblige in Minehead meaning that we went home without any.

Although it’s not the most exciting gift in the world, I think that he will be very pleased with it because I have taken the time to make it for him. The best gifts I always think, are those that demonstrate how well you know a person. They don’t have to be expensive but they show thought and care.

I did some research into fudge recipes online (Pinterest, BBC Good Food etc.) to find a suitable recipe. I have made fudge before it wasn’t the best fudge in the world, it was too close to toffee and whilst it tasted good, it didn’t have the soft squidgy texture that proper Devon fudge has.

I used a recipe from the BBC Good Food website for vintage vanilla fudge and it seems to have worked like a charm although the current hot weather is impacting on the setting time for it. However, I appear to have produced a delicious, soft, buttery, vanilla fudge that he will be delighted with. Here’s hoping anyway.

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