Easter treats

I’m heading home to the West Country for Easter and what’s more, I’m taking one of my very best friends and I can’t wait! Long walks in the countryside, exploring the woodland behind the house, feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs, a trip to the seaside perhaps and plenty of lounging around and appreciating the view. It’s going to be great. And before we get down there, a marathon sing-a-long session in the car!

In preparation for the trip, I have been making a few treats to take home to my parents. Namely, glittery raspberry macaroons filled with white chocolate and passion fruit ganache (I’m going through a macaroon phase, I made vanilla macaroons with a mocha ganache and a cocoa nib garnish), cucumber pickle (I know, crazy), a jar of walnut pesto and a jar of sundried tomato pesto.

I might make up a spinach pesto for them as well if I have time tomorrow as I have some spinach lurking in the bottom of my fridge. Fingers crossed they enjoy it all!

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