An Enchanted Forest

Phone photos 2011

I was recently asked to bake the cakes for a first birthday party with an enchanted forest theme; I was very excited and more than happy to accept the challenge.

The brief was to create 100 cupcakes, 30 mini cupcakes and a white chocolate gateau with an enchanted forest theme. Specifically, the cakes needed to look like an enchanted tree. So I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and knowing that the cakes would be displayed on a tiered cake stand, I decided that the cakes would be decorated to look like grass, toadstools and flowers, and that the white chocolate gateau would be made to look like a tree trunk by covering it with flakes.

After consulting with my client, I made four different flavours of cupcakes, vanilla, chocolate, lemon and orange and poppy seed. Something for the adults, something for the kids. Something for those with a sweet tooth and something for those who prefer something with a bit more bite.

I was very pleased with the finished article. It was a lot of work and there were times when I thought that maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew but I think that I met the brief and I hope that you agree.

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