He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice

So I’m starting to feel rather jealous of all of the people who have already put their Christmas trees up. I haven’t yet. I haven’t even bought mine or found a source. Last year I purchased my Christmas tree from the brilliantly named Farmer Christmas but he hasn’t made an appearance yet this year. I’m wondering if people have stopped believing in him and therefore he is no more. There is a potential source on Parsons Green where I bought a tree from a couple of years ago and was mocked heavily for the size of the tree but it’s looking like I might be visiting there again.

I haven’t put my tree up yet because: 1) my brother is a humbug and 2) I’m concerned that the great battle of 2013 may transpire to be Oscar v. Christmas tree so I figure I’m better off waiting a bit. I don’t want to wait too long though as I’m off skiing on 27th December and I want to be able to enjoy the tree for as long as possible.

I have been making other preparations for Christmas in the meantime however. I have purchased all Christmas presents (yeah, I have). Christmas gift shopping was completed on Friday with a mega trip up to Oxford Street (a necessary evil, my god what an awful place it is, I swear a woman actually dropped her shoulder into me in John Lewis of all places) to visit Liberty (my spiritual home, I felt instantly calm apart from all of the tourists who were just there to look), John Lewis to find a super-sized pie dish (controversial, this year, no turkey! We’re having a venison pie! I’m yet to be convinced), and then to the wonderful Selfridges.

I have a wrapping theme for 2013 and have spent this afternoon making gift tags out of salt dough. I haven’t done anything with salt dough since before I was 11 so it felt like going back in time a bit. I would say that my skills have definitely improved but I don’t think that I will be applying colour. I have always found that this is when I ruin anything remotely artistic that I have made. I think that I will paint them white which will fit in with the theme.

All my Christmas cards are written and addressed but I have yet to bankrupt myself buying stamps. It will be a bit of an interesting experiment this year. I don’t expect to receive a fraction of the cards that I will be sending out but it will be interesting to see who has kept me on their Christmas card list and who has expunged my name from the records. I’ve got an excellent card for my brother.

I also made my first batch of mince pies although didn’t unfortunately crack open the mulled wine. Seeing as it has just been me in the house today that seemed a bit extreme!

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