Not really scones weather


Now my friends will testify to the truth of this statement; I love Pinterest. There’s no denying it but I think that the cake I made on Friday night justifies my love for it because where did I find the recipe? On Pinterest. Everyone, (everyone from a sample survey of 4 people so about as many people as cosmetics companies use in their surveys), has said that it was delicious and I quite agree.

I made an extremely grown-up chocolate buttermilk cake with early grey icing and salted caramel sauce. It makes a really moist chocolate cake that looks incredibly dense but is relatively light and fluffy. It’s not quite made it to the chocolate Guinness cake level of amazingness but it is pretty awesome. You can find the recipe here:


One of the really nice things about this cake is the icing; you can definitely taste the tea, I used Joe’s Teas the Earl of Grey for mine, and the icing is really fluffy because you make it using whipped egg whites so it has a meringue quality to it without being a meringue. Anyway, I highly recommend it.

I made a cake because I just wanted to so I then arranged a cycling trip round Richmond Park with my cycling friends and invited them back to mine for tea and cake afterwards. (I can’t eat a whole cake by myself after all).

In addition to the cake, I also made cheese and sweet scones, not a crazy combination, two different types of scone. It was a very pleasant way to end a not particularly enjoyable cycling trip (it was too windy, I’m definitely a fair weather cyclist) and then my gorgeous friend Ellie came round this afternoon to help eat a bit more of the cake and sample the new Pimm’s flavour, Blackberry and Elderflower which I can definitely recommend. It’s a bit like Ribena for grown-ups.

There’s still quite a bit of cake and several scones left so hands up who wants some?

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