Salad Days


Clearly not the best photo that I’m ever going to take but right up with the best salads that I’ve ever made! Zingy, fresh and quite frankly, totally delicious. Can I say that? I’m going to say that. 

Inspired by brother’s request for South East Asian, my love all food from the region and the delicious meal that my friend Helen made for the other week, last night’s dinner was a delicious ‘Vietnamese’ chicken salad.

Slices of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, garden mint (that’s just mint from my garden by the way not a new special kind of mint), pink grapefruit segments and fresh coriander with a dressing of diced red chillis, rice wine vinegar, fish sauce, sugar, and crushed garlic then all topped off with turmeric chicken and crispy shallots and peanuts. The best bit? I’ve got left overs for lunch!


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