My what a lot of whiskys you have


On Tuesday night I followed dinner at the Thai Square restaurant on Trafalgar Square with a drink in the bar at Albannach with my delightful friend Emma.

I have only been to the Albannach once before and that was a birthday party several years ago and involved a visit to the club downstairs which meant that I didn’t have the chance to fully appreciate the decor of the restaurant and bar itself. It also meant that I didn’t have a chance to see the truly spectacular selection of whiskys that are available.

I won’t lie the whisky selection was somewhat wasted on me as I don’t actually like it but I appreciate the scale of their selection and admired the beauty of their display.

Whether or not you actually drink whisky I would definitely recommend it as the cocktails are lovely. I actually had a mocktail on account of it a) being a Tuesday night and b) having already had 1 cocktail at Thai Square. I had a mint and apple presse which was absolutely delicious and incredibly refreshing. I don’t think that Emma had any complaints about her Bellini either!


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