Brighten up your Wednesday

It turns out that today, Wednesday 22 May 2013, is a particularly uninspiring Wednesday. How? It is very grey, overcast and dull. And, as if to make matters worse, according to the weatherman it is going to get colder over the next few days. Oh good. I suppose it’s only to be expected really, especially given the unprecedented good weather that we had for the last bank holiday. We would definitely be pushing our luck to expect the same good fortune again.

Anyway, this isn’t a post about the weather, not really. It’s actually a post about cookies. I would be lying if I claimed that I made chocolate, hazelnut and raisin cookies last night in the knowledge that today was going to be particularly depressing. In fact I made them last night for several reasons; because I had been thinking about making cookies since the weekend, because I am trying to keep myself as occupied as possible during the evenings, and because I wanted to say thank you to the lovely people that I work with for being so lovely to me and not to mention patient.

So last night I made American style chocolate, hazelnut and raisin cookies. I toyed with the idea of white chocolate, cranberry and macadamia nut but thought that these might not be quite so appealing to everyone. Perhaps I’m wrong, I’m sure that I will be told and I’m sure that Emma would have preferred white chocolate but maybe not cranberries… I have made the white chocolate, cranberry and macadamia nut cookies before as well and I liked the thought of making something different. Oh, and I already had raisins and hazelnuts. If you want to have a go at making them yourself the recipe can be found on the BBC Good Food website.

Anyway, they are extremely easy to make although the baking is something more of an art. There’s almost nothing more disappointing than an overcooked cookie. I haven’t personally eaten one yet although my father was good enough to act as guinea pig last night and he was happy with the results and has taken some back down to Devon so they can’t be all bad. Unless he’s just planning on feeding them to the chickens although that seems like rather an extreme move considering that he could just have left them where they are.

I baked a goodly quantity and packed them into a tin. But then I decided that actually, I could make them look nicer, and it would be more of a thank you if I individually wrapped the cookies. The intention was also to include a personal note with each (a bit like a fortune cookie I guess) but by the time I’d wrapped them all I thought that the most important thing was to go to bed.

Anyway I wrapped each cookie in greaseproof paper and used a tiny bit of tape to keep it in place. (I think the thing to do is to definitely have some stickers printed for this very thing). Then I wrapped each in brown paper and tied with some black curling ribbon. They looked ok but I definitely need to work on paper envelopes. It probably would have helped if I had managed to cut uniforms pieces of brown paper but it was late and that’s my story and it’s the one that I’m sticking to.

This morning when I arrived at the office I put a cookie present on everyone’s desk and given the issues we are having with printers this morning and how busy everyone generally is, I hope that it has made this Wednesday morning just a little bit brighter for everyone.



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