Pink ombre birthday cake


So seeing as everything seems about ombre at the moment, I thought that I would get involved. I made a 30th birthday cake for a good friend of mine yesterday and decided to attempt a pink ombre cake.

The sponge itself was a vanilla sponge (I separated my eggs and whisked the whites before folding in at the end to ensure a really light sponge) with a different volume of pink food colouring added to the cake batter from none at all to about 1/2 a teaspoon or so. I don’t think that you need to be too specific, just add food colouring with care until you reach the desired shade of pink.

The hardest thing I found was to remember which cake tin contained which shade of pink as once baked, it is not easy to tell what the precise shade of pink is… After forgetting with the first batch, I started to label my tins and the cakes when they came out of the oven and I can definitely recommend doing this otherwise your cake doesn’t look quite so impressive when you cut a slice of your cake.

Once cooled, I set about assembling my cake with a slight feeling of uncertainty. I decided on a simple vanilla frosting in its natural state inbetween the layers of the cake and on the top and then in shades of pink around the sounds. It was easy to make the different shades of pink. I did it by adding a drop or two of food colouring to the frosting initially, icing a bit of the cake, and then adding more food colouring and repeating the process until it was all covered. This was probably the trickiest part and to be honest, it wasn’t the neatest icing I have ever done but it did look pretty.

I finished the cake off by using the ‘Happy Birthday’ cake stencil that came in a pack of cake stencils that my fabulous friend Ashley gave me for my birthday. I used cocoa powder to get a good contrast with the frosting and to make sure that the writing really stood out and then added a few star shaped sprinkles. Lovely. I’m trying to decide what colour I should try next.

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2 responses to “Pink ombre birthday cake

  1. Pip that looks amazing! Clever girl and sure it was delicious too. Glad the stencils are already being put to good use xx

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