A birthday celebration

January and February in my office = birthday madness with one seemingly every other day. On Saturday was an important birthday however, not mine, that’s already been, but a 40th birthday for our Communications Manager and yours truly was in charge.

A room had been hired above a pub in South East London and then the rest was up to Mark's Birthday Party 005me! So that was food, decor, music and cake. The savoury food was provided by a combination of Waitrose and my good friends at Cannon & Cannon who provided three delicious cheese, a wonderful Suffolk Salami and a delicious whisky and marmalade glazed ham. On top of that, they also provided a mountain of the most amazing bread from Brick House, cornichons and caper berries, a huge piece of quince jelly and a box full of crackers. I then ensured that we had fruit to garnish the cheese and crisps and nuts around the room.

Although I’m sure that the real star of the show was the fine selection of British meat and cheeses, I like to think that it was the desserts and the show stopper six layer red velvet birthday cake that I made. But that’s just me. We had a dessert table with a key lime pie, a white chocolate
cheesecake with fresh raspberries, a chocolate torte, a passion fruit trifle, a tiramisu and of course the red velvet cake with a pile of blackberries and raspberries on top.

The food tables were covered with wallpaper – a very quick and effective way to make a real difference to a room and then I stepped outside of my comfort zone and into the world of the florist. I went for a very simple green and white theme because the room was painted a deep red which I arranged in an assortment of jars and bottles on the two mantelpieces.

Terrifying? Yes. Lots to do? Yes. A job well done? I think so.

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