Christmas decorations

Yes, I know that it’s over. All the decorations are down and the tree has been taken away by the council but I haven’t yet shared 2012’s Christmas decorations.

I was so pleased with my decorations this year; I succumbed to peer pressure and got a slightly smaller Christmas tree than last year. (I personally didn’t think that there was a problem with last year’s tree but I was mercilessly mocked for it). This year’s tree was a mere 7ft and delivered to me by Farmer Christmas (brilliant). The decorations on my tree were fairly traditional and the decorations were quite natural in colour. I added some cracking decorations to my collection this year. a sparkly star from the V&A, a friendly little felt reindeer from Habitat, and then several from Liberty including a silver apple and a Scandinavian style red star with white spot. I also had a few decorations that my parents brought back from New York for me.

Polaroid tree

Polaroid tree

The thing that made my tree however were the polaroid photographs that I had printed and then hung on my tree. All my favourite people found their way onto my tree and it looked so lovely. I’ll definitely be doing it again and I would recommend it to anyone.

The mantelpiece had lots of candles and mini fir trees displayed on it and my Russian doll nativity set was also on display.

The stairs were covered in ivy again but I displayed my Christmas cards up the stairs by string up along the bannisters and using mini pegs to peg up the cards. I’m going to do this with my birthday cards as well.

As for my kitchen? Well knowing that I was going to be spending a decent

Cardboard reindeer head

Cardboard reindeer head

amount of time in it over the festive season, I thought that I should make it look good as well. There was Christmas bunting, icicle lights (unfortunately a bit too blue but never mind) and the piece-de-la-resistance – a cardboard reindeer head with a glittery gold nose in a white wreath. Fabulous.


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