Feeling Festive

I’ve been feeling festive for a while now. I love planning Christmas, from how I’m going to decorate my house to what we will eat on Christmas day. Once again, I am hosting Christmas Day but my brother is hosting Christmas Eve and my sister Boxing Day.

Christmas Tree Delivery (image courtesy of http://www.alittleglassbox.com)

I have been duly pinning ideas for how to decorate my house and have written a plan of action for what needs to go where (very excited), ordered my Christmas tree from Farmer Christmas (brilliant), and bought most of my presents. Oh and now that the floods have subsided in Devon my mother has order the turkey, phew. All in all, my plans are going swimmingly at the moment.

We will be eating our Christmas dinner at lunchtime this year; we often eat towards the end of the day/in the evening so that we can have a brunch and then get the full effect of the candles but for one reason or another this is not practical this year. I am therefore currently thinking of alternative breakfast solutions to brunch. I don’t think that a full-on cooked breakfast is going to be the way forward. I know that many people consider the sole purpose of Christmas to be to consume as much as is humanly possible but it isn’t really our way. That’s not to say that we don’t indulge, we definitely do, but we don’t eat constantly. I’m considering making pastries (my dad will love this) or mini cheese muffins, something indulgent but not huge that also doesn’t generate a huge amount of washing up or takeover the kitchen for any considerable period of time. All things to be considered carefully.

I’ve also been getting thoroughly carried away when it comes to planning the hamper for James’ parents. If I made all of the things that I have thought about then it would be more trolley sized than basket sized. This is partly down to Pinterest which has made it so much easier to find lovely ideas for edible gifts; more-or-less everyday I see something that I think would make a nice addition.

Having made them a hamper for the last few years however, I’m aware that it probably needs a bit of a refresh otherwise I’m just peddling the same thing every year which isn’t terribly exciting. I think that I definitely have a few nice ideas for this year though that are slightly different. I’m also hoping that I will be able to present everything in a  more exciting way than I have managed previously. I always find it so difficult to find the right basket to put everything in and I want it to look really interesting and like something that you can’t wait to dive into. Oh well, watch this space!



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