Meat and Cheese

This is incredibly overdue but better late than never. If you are looking for a place where you can find all the things that are good in the world, (by all that’s good in the world I mean cracking wine combined with superb cheeses, delicious charceuterie and amazing bread), then you need to head down to Cannon & Cannon in Brixton.

People have been telling me for months that Brixton is somewhere that I should go to because I will love it. For one reason or another I have largely resisted the suggestion, that is until Cannon & Cannon opened their meat and cheese salon in Market Row in Brixton and I now find myself making regular trips to the end of the Victoria line.

There is so much to like about Cannon & Cannon that it is hard to know where to start; maybe it’s the dynamic duo who run the show, perhaps it’s the charmingly rustic decor, the wine served in swing top bottles and poured into little glass tumblers instantly transporting you back to the Loire Valley, possibly the outstanding food or maybe, just maybe, it is a combination of all of these factors that make for a truly fabulous evening out.

You won’t find any mass market produce here; everything is lovingly made by small artisan producers and served with equal care and love. I am currently doing my best to eat my way through their entire cheese collection which is difficult to do when I completely adore the Shipcord and the Waterloo but I am being good and resisting the urge to always order the same thing.

There is always something unusual on the charceuterie board as well so if you are feeling adventurous you are likely to find something along the lines of air dried alpaca as well as venison chorizo and a selection of salamis.

I definitely recommend the artichoke hearts with blue cheese and hazelnuts as an accompaniment to your meat and cheese platter (you can build your own by the way) and make sure that you don’t miss out on the fruit bread – my favourite!

Oh, and it you fancy something sweet at the end of all that meat and cheese, they also do cakes. A little bird tells me that they stock a pretty good chocolate caramel shortbread…

The French have known for years that one of the best ways to while away an evening is by sitting around with your friends drinking good wine and eating cheese and charceuterie and Cannon & Cannon are proving that you don’t have to cross the Channel to find the same vibe here in England. Of course, the other fabulous thing about Cannon & Cannon is that they champion wonderful produce from our own fair shores that is every bit the equal of its continental rivals.


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