Speaking to a man about a Christmas tree

I have had a rather marvellous weekend. I had the use of a car (majorly exciting for me these days) which I used to do an enormous, if not costly, food shop, before going on to buy what is quite possibly the biggest Christmas tree known to man. They may well have seen me coming but I am very happy with him. He is currently residing in the garden, partly because I felt that for me personally, 3rd December is a little early to put up the tree, and partly because owing to his size, I do not have enough decorations so I need to buy more. I did attempt to do this on Sunday but I wasn’t satisfied with the selection in Peter Jones or in Habitat. Call me old fashioned but all I want is traditionally coloured decorations (we’re talking reds and dark greens here people), maybe with a few naturally coloured ones and pine cones thrown in for good measure. I do not want my Christmas tree to be pink and orange. It might work for some people but just not for me. I think what we need here is a garden centre. So I have been able to tick “buy Christmas tree” off my list along with “buy Christmas presents” although cards, decorate cake, make truffles and many other things besides still remain. I have also been able to tick off make biscotti, Christmas wreath and clementine ice cream. I was going to make nougat this weekend owing to the glut of egg whites that I have sitting in my fridge, (I think that these should probably now to be transferred to the freezer and for once, be correctly labelled as to how many), but I was unable to purchase the necessary liquid glucose so this has gone on the back burner, for the time being at least.

I have made biscotti before and find it rather therapeutic. I have always used recipes from the BBC Good Food website with pleasing results. It is quick and easy to make and would also be fun to involve children with as you do not have to be overly precise when it comes to measuring the hazelnuts and chocolate chips. This year, owing to my anti-almond stance, I made the hazelnut and chocolate chip biscotti. A quantity is now in the freezer and another quantity is waiting to be bagged up and taken to friends as a guest gift on Friday. After the biscotti and a quick round of pork schnitzel for dinner, I decided that 8:30 on a Saturday night was the perfect time to make clementine ice cream. I am so rock and roll. To make my clementine ice cream, I just adapted a lemon ice cream recipe that I have and the result was excellent. Unfortunately I didn’t also make a chocolate tart to accompany it but there is always next time.


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