Well rolled!

So last night I had a mid-week cook-up; if that makes it sound like I don’t cook during the week then that is not what I meant but this was a much more concentrated effort than normal. For me, cooking during the week is all about creating something delicious in the minimum amount of time that produces the minimum amount of washing up. But last night was a little different, I was preparing tonight’s dinner. If you’re thinking that I’ve gone mad and that this isn’t making any sense then please, allow me to explain. Some good friends of James and mine, particularly I suppose of James as he has known them for a long time, welcomed their first child into the world on Monday night. This evening we are going to meet the lovely little lady and I offered to take dinner round in the hope that it might lessen the burden of visitors. This offer being accepted, I thought that it best if I prepare something in advance rather than take over their kitchen and miss out on crucial baby holding time.

On leaving work, I went to my local Waitrose, bought what, by the time I had got it home, felt like half the shop and set to work. What I couldn’t work out was how it had got to 19:40 without my noticing but undeterred I set to work on a Coq au Vin and a lemon and caraway roulade. I feel like I have pretty much nailed both to be honest.

I used the same recipe for Coq au Vin from Gordan Ramsay that I have used before and it smells rather good. Also, in what I like to think is a cunning move, last night I only cooked the various baby vegetables for 5 minutes or so in the hope that when I re-heat the whole thing tonight the vegetables will still retain a slight crunch. My aspirations for this dish are that it will be both comforting and warming. The roulade is also looking rather good; beautifully rolled, if I may say so myself, and oozing lemon curd mascarpone. I will serve this somewhat unseasonal dessert with some unseasonal raspberries!


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