Man vs. Food

I would like you all to indulge me by allowing me to go off on a slight tangent, and I won’t promise that this will be the only time. I would like to share my thoughts, if you will permit me to, about a programme that I have relatively recently discovered. I am talking about, Man vs. Food.

I know that it is wrong but I’m afraid that I have a slight obsession with this programme which is being aided by Dave and SkyPlus. Essentially, it is a programme where an irritating American man attempts to eat gargantuan quantities of food. If the portion is not monstrously large, then it is searingly hot (in terms of spice level that is and not temperature). Every week, the show’s host, Adam Richman, travels to a different US city to eat at the most infamous “pig out joints”. His words, not mine. Charlie Brooker describes the show as “Top Gear for food” and he has a point.

It is strangely fascinating watching an overweight, middle aged, yet somehow endearing man try to consume half a cow in just one hour. He describes himself as someone with a serious appetite but not a competitive eater and you would certainly have to have one to polish off some of the plates that he does.

I’ll be honest and say that these gastronomic delights do not inspire me to visit many of said restaurants, I think I have been most tempted by an ice cream parlour in Philadelphia. It seems like quite a different dining experience to the one that I am used to and the size of the regular portions leave me feeling somewhat weak at the knees. Unsurprisingly, nearly all of the proprietors of these restaurants are on the larger size of things. If you do decide that you to must sample Man vs. Food for yourself then be prepared to be annoyed as Adam pontificates about the food that he is shovelling down his throat in an attempt to make it seem like it’s a gastronomic delight on a par with the creations of the very best Michelin starred chefs.

So it seems that if you have a restaurant in America, then you must have an eating challenge which has obviously made me start to consider what, if I were to have such an establishment, would be my eating challenge. I think that I would have to go with some sort of dessert, maybe a 6 litre sticky toffee pudding with a mountain of sticky toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream. The reason for my choice partly because there don’t seem to be very many, and secondly because I think that it might harder to consume a vast quantity of something sweet and sticky, but I could be wrong, and thirdly because I always think that you should stick to what you know and I like to think that I know desserts. So the question is: what would your food challenge be?


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