Plastic Ham Pink, not quite the shade I was going for

So I’m feeling pretty pleased with my most recent creation. A food inspired cake. What form you ask? An enormous steak with some chips and a few icing peas thrown in for good measure. Why? Because that is what was requested, I cannot explain why my brother wanted a cake in the shape of a steak for this 21st birthday but mine is not to question why etc.

I am not only feeling pleased with the aesthetics of cake but with the quality of the sponge itself.  I decided that, seeing as my brief was “a raw cartoon steak”, the cake should be a red velvet cake so that it would look more like you were cutting into steak when you cut the cake. It took a very long time bake because I had put all of the mixture into one large square cake tin instead of dividing it between two smaller, circular tins but it did eventually cook and to prevent it from catching on the top, I covered it with foil lid half way through the cooking time.

Once cooled (the process may have been sped up by popping the cake in the garden

briefly) was to cut to shape and then ice.  My mother gallantly stepped into assist and did a marvellous job on the chips although someone I think that she would have preferred if they had been made purely of icing and not also from cake. “You just have to think of it as wrapping a present”, not sure if my comments were appreciated or not! The thing I am most definitely not good at is getting the right colour from my icing.  I think that I need a super duper food colouring kit, the likes of which I have seen on the Squires Kitchen website, but I don’t have one so I just have to do the best I possibly can.  Unfortunately I did not have (or so I thought) a huge amount of red food colouring left after having made the red velvet cake and Waitrose was regrettably unable to furnish me with any.  The initial colour of the icing can best be described as plastic ham pink, not quite the shade of raw meat red that I was going for.  It didn’t seem to matter how much red food colouring  I added (I found a second bottle lurking in my baking basket, yes I have a baking basket), the icing remained irritatingly and stubbornly pink.  But then, inspiration struck and covered my steak cake with the plastic ham pink icing and then proceeded to paint the top of the cake with pure food colouring.  Dr Oetker’s finest red food colouring which is rather reminiscent of blood.  And hey presto, it did the job.  I finished the steak with a collar of white icing and voila! One steak cake, as requested.


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