Last Night A Wine Gum Saved My Life

A somewhat melodramatic title perhaps but it is never-the-less, true.  Well the weekend has been thoroughly exhausting and I am now definitely in need of another one. Just had a quick trip over the Channel and into Switzerland, unfortunately there was no opportunity to ski but as they say, you win some, you loose some.

The trip was, I’ll be honest, fairly brutal. I left work a bit early, stopped off at Sainsbury’s on my way home to meet with my brother so that we could stock up on picnic items for the journey before leaving the house at around 5:30pm to make it to Folkestone to catch the Euro Tunnel that would take us to the continent.

It was a rather good picnic actually despite the limited time available to us in order to produce it which precluded the making of our own pork pies.  It did however feature a delicious little onion, red pepper and Manchego frittata that my Anthony whipped up, some chicken goujons and french bread, sausage rolls, two solitary strawberries (my ‘harvest’), some white chocolate chip and raspberry cookies and the aforementioned wine gums which gave me the hit of sugar that I needed to perk me up at 1:45 on Saturday morning.  Not a bad picnic to produce in the space of 30 minutes and one that managed to sustain for the 12 hours that was our journey time from door to door.

So on arrival, what exactly did we do in Switzerland? Well we were only gone from our own fair shores for 44 hours so we slept, ate, played scrabble and watched some DVDs.  After a little sleep we drove down the mountain to Monthey for a shopping trip to Manor.  I think you’ll agree that we did well to spend just over 100 Swiss Francs on 2 meals.  It was worth every single penny.  And Manor is a great supermarket (my thoughts about the inadequacies of British supermarkets still stand by the way, see ‘La Boeuf’ for full rant).  We bought two of the largest prawns that I have ever come across, I think I last saw prawns of the same stature when I was in India, the most delicious mozzarella that I have ever tasted, and some horse steaks.  Obviously we also bought various other items, salad, bread, beer etc but the they were not the star buys.

It would be fair to say that we bought more than was strictly necessary but we did produce quite a feast.  I say we, more Anthony really although I did make dessert.  The prawns were simply cooked with lemon juice and garlic, we bought the horse steaks ready marinated, and we used the mozzarella for a tomato and mozzarella salad.

It was the creamiest and most full flavoured mozzarella that I have eaten and quite frankly, I am not sure that I will be able to ‘make do’ with the packets of mozzarella that you buy in the supermarket any more.  Oh dear, things are going to get even more expensive.

The prawns, although impressive in size, did perhaps lack a bit of flavour, and I think that my allegiance probably still lies with a decent sized tiger prawn.  And as for the horse, it is the second time that I have eaten it and I still think that it is absolutely delicious.  Anthony cooked it beautifully and it was incredibly lean and tender, so frankly, I’m sorry but I’m with Ramsay on this one.  Don’t dismiss it when holidaying abroad and if you have not done so then to try it.


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