Thank Whoopie for Pie

So the development kitchen swung into action this week and finally, months after having purchased the Whoopie Pie Book by Clare Ptak, I actually made some whoopie pies.  I thought that given that it was the first batch that I should make the most traditional form of whoopie pie, chocolate whoopies with a marshmallow filling.  I had intended to make small whoopies but to my mind they were rather large and I ended up with about 30 whoopies.  I thought that they were very nice and surprisingly light given their size and how densely chocolately they appeared.  I served them for pudding with strawberries which was a fabulous combination.

I thought that the whoopie pies were lovely but I know that my brother found them a bit too bitter for his liking so perhaps I shouldn’t have used Green & Blacks cocoa powder and should have just used the Cadburys one which I think is less so.  I suspect that my boyfriend would also have preferred them if they were sweeter because he is a plain chocolate hater so I will definitely have to make adjustments for next time.

The marshmallow filling definitely takes some effort to make, more in terms of time than in terms of it being difficult to make, and I think that if you didn’t have the time to commit to making the filling yourself that you could probably use a jar of Fluff.  This can certainly be purchased from Selfridges Food Hall and is probably available elsewhere.  I say probably because I have never actually had a proper encounter with a jar of Fluff; I have only ever come across it whilst browsing the shelves in Selfridges Food Hall and wondering what on earth you are supposed to do with it.  I may of course have now come across the answer.

The Whoopie Pie Book is a really lovely book with some lovely flavour combinations.  I am particularly interested to try the carrot cake whoopies and the lemon ones, and then maybe the frozen ones as well.

Essentially, I want to try them all and I hope that will disappear a little bit more quickly then this first batch have.  I will be in Norfolk for the first weekend of May on a mini cricket tour where I may showcase a new batch of whoopie pies.  So far the old favourite of chocolate caramel shortbread has been requested which will of course be provided, but I also want to take something more unusual so I think that whoopie pies will be on the menu.


2 responses to “Thank Whoopie for Pie

  1. Just to say never assume just because your Mum is over forty – don’t assume she doesn’t check her emails on a regular basis!! No more of this ‘cup cake’ nonsense – ‘fairy cakes’ every time. If your Mum says jelly is the next ‘big thing’ it must be true- mums know about these things!!

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