Mothers’ Day Treats

There is myriad of options presented to you as to how it is best to show your mummy that you love her on Mothers’ Day. I have to say though that I was relatively uninspired by the Mothers’ Day gifts on offer in the majority of the larger stores.  I am no longer six years old and therefore, a large flowery pink mug with Mummy scrawled on it is no longer an appropriate gift.

Fortunately, the lack of decent presents did not prove to be a problem for me because I decided to buy a subscription to the BBC Good Food Magazine for my Mummy so that every month she will have not only a little reminder of me coming through the letterbox but also interesting new recipes ideas.  She was very pleased with her subscription although I wasn’t sure if she would know about it when I spoke to her because I chose to send one of the ecard notifications and was not sure how often my Mum checked her emails.  She had seen it though.  I had one very small criticism about the incredibly easy online subscription process it would be related to the choice of ecards…

My Mummy lives in Devon and I live in London and I was not able to get home this year for Mothers’ Day although I did go to my boyfriend’s parents’ house armed with some lovely little vanilla and strawberry cupcakes. I say lovely, the icing was lovely but the cake definitely wasn’t my best. (I was once again hit with the difficulty of baking without a mixing bowl).  I know that I could have gone to the Hummingbird Bakery or to Lola’s and saved myself the trouble but I do love to bake and I also wanted to make the effort so I made my own. I made the strawberry icing using Mascarpone cheese, unsalted butter, icing sugar and strawberry puree; not only did it taste delicious but it was also a beautiful colour, not to mention completely natural, from the fresh strawberries, a light pinky red colour.  To complete the decoration, I’m quite proud of myself for this one, I made strawberry crisps by cutting wafer thin slices of strawberries and then drying them out in the oven at about 80 degrees for an hour and a half.

I have very recently treated myself to Yotam Ottolenghi’s book, Plenty, which is absolutely fabulous. If you don’t already own a copy I strongly recommend that you take yourself off to buy it. Now as you know, I am not a vegetarian but I do love this book which is what is so impressive about. The photographs are stunning and the food all looks incredibly vibrant so I will be inviting my vegetarian friend around shortly for dinner. Last night I sort of made the mushroom fricassee. I say sort of because I didn’t quite have all of the ingredients so I omitted the celery and carrot and I was also unable to procure the required duck eggs so I had to use chicken eggs. I did however add shaved Parmesan, I just couldn’t bring myself to serve it without cheese. Despite not exactly following the recipe it was definitely a triumph and I am just trying to decide which recipe to try next.

I am sure that you will all be interested to know that at the end of last week I moved house and I am now residing in the very beautiful Parsons Green. I absolutely love it (although perhaps not the District Line) and I have a fabulous new kitchen which I am calling my development kitchen from which I will at some point be churning out some new ice cream flavours and maybe even a whoopie pie or two.



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